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Jennifer Jacoby-Smith

Writer, editor, author, photographer


My story

As soon as I could hold a crayon, I declared to my mother I was going to write a book. The gripping masterpiece featured a worm and his beloved toque – he was Canadian after all – complete with original drawings, also by me. Sadly, it is now out of print.
Thus began my love story with the written word. Eventually, I joyfully discovered others would pay me for my words. I write while calling beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, home.

Writing is the only thing that when I do it, I don't feel like I should be doing something else.

Gloria Steinem


Current Stories

Watch this space for more information.

Dramatic DJ

Novel: A Fondness for the Reckless

A Ten Past Midnight Story

It’s the interview everyone has been waiting for. Yet when Canadian musical sensations Ten Past Midnight arrive for their first television interview Indie is nowhere to be seen. Frustrations boiled over in recent days causing Indie to walk away from the band he created with best friend Jaxson. Indie is standing in the airport ready to fly to Los Angeles to sign a solo deal with another label — a label owned by Indie’s heartthrob pop music superstar boyfriend. While Indie questions his decision to leave, Jaxson and his bandmates face difficult questions from a savvy reporter looking for a scoop.

Memoir: Fences Are For People Who Dare Not Fly

The story of finding James Victor, Jr.: Hollywood hairdresser and my dad.

I was 19 when I heard my dad’s name for the first time. I grew up in small town Saskatchewan and always wondered who he was and above all why he wasn’t there. Far away from my small-town upbringing, my dad was a hairdresser in Los Angeles. He grew up in the midst of the glamour of Hollywood. He was a platform artist for Redken, helping to put the global beauty company on the map in 1970s. When I met him in Omaha, he was living a quiet life teaching hairdressing at a small college with the love of his life. How did he get from Hollywood to the Midwest? When he died suddenly in 2015, just six weeks before my mom died, I set on a course to fill in the blanks of my childhood and to get to know James Victor Jr, Hollywood hairdresser and my dad.

Coming soon!

Los Angeles trees

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